“Educators cannot do their work in isolation, we must form meaningful partnerships; and, our partnership with Chucktown Squash Scholars has resulted in positive outcomes for the participating students who came from the lowest income households in Charleston, and for our College of Charleston students and faculty members.”

~ Dr. Frances Welch, Dean
School of Education, Health and Human Performance

Chucktown Squash Scholars began in 2010 when a group of dedicated community leaders noticed the overwhelming need for after school programming in Charleston’s public school systems. Locally more than 17,000 children lack daily supervision after school during the hours of 3:00-6:00PM. This results in more than 360 hours per year per child spent without attention, engagement, and exposure to experiences that stimulate their growth and development.

National studies consistently reveal key data points about the relationship between limited after school supervision and adverse outcomes: increased teen pregnancy rates, violence, decreased school attendance, increased risk of obesity, and increased high school dropout rates. In partnership with the Charleston County School District, Charleston Promise Neighborhood, and The College of Charleston, Chucktown Squash Scholars provides a unique blend of physical and intellectual stimulation for our students to be successful in the classroom and beyond.