In the classroom Chucktown Squash Scholars and the College of Charleston provide students with rigorous homework help sessions, academic tutoring, life skills development, and exposure opportunities.


Chucktown Squash Scholars ability to deliver outcomes to our students must be measured using both short-term (school report cards, attendance rates, pre- and post-surveys, and athletic benchmarks) and long-term criteria (retention rates, high school graduation rates, and eventually, college enrollment rates).

“The tutoring in squash is very helpful, the program helped my son be more outspoken.”
“Remember, when they have practice, they have academics righ after. It did help academically because it wasn’t all about squash. It was about squash and still learning. They don’t focus so much on the sport, letting you know they still need your education to get somewhere. So having academics and sports is a real good thing together.”
~ Chucktown Squash Scholars parents


We work closely with teachers, guidance counselors, principals, parents, and school administration to ensure our kids are on track academically, behaviorally, physically, and emotionally.

“The thing that we all like to do as educators is that one-on-one coaching…but I have to teach a whole class. I can say, ‘here are the steps we need to do to be put into the college arena,’ they can’t do that for themselves. They just see this big goal and think they are going to do it… its the one-on-one coaching that Chucktown Squash Scholars provides that we need. ”
~ Teacher- Sanders Clyde Creative Arts