Currently more than 17,000 children in Charleston are alone and unsupervised from 3:00-6:00PM. These are peak hours when youth are most likely to engage in juvenile crime, abuse drugs, and become teen parents. Afterschool programs keep kids safe and inspire learning. Chucktown Squash Scholars’ mission is to provide academic guidance, athletic training, community service opportunities, and mentors through an afternoon, weekend, and summertime program that serves as a springboard, preparing low resource kids for wide-reaching success in the classroom, on the squash court, and in life.

Chucktown Squash Scholars provides quality programming for our participants that includes help with homework, mentorship and hands-on learning opportunities to develop the critical thinking skills they will need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Through our partnership with the College of Charleston, and 11 Title 1 schools we are able to give students from disadvantaged communities the tools and peer connections needed to achieve their most ambitious life goals.

We are excited about the potential to be part of an array of diverse, and influential organizations who believe that all children should have safe, enriching and inspiring places to go in the hours after school.


Todd G. Abedon, Board Chair
Chartwell Holdings, LLC, CEO

Jeff Kaloupek, CFO
Chartwell Holdings, LLC

Charles Darby, IV, Devlopment Committee
Christophe Harbour

Kathy Parks

Thomas Cutler
Discovery Channel

Chappell Halstead
Sherman Financial Group

Brent Gibadlo
Meade Westvaco

Edward G. Johnson, III
E.G.J. Enterprises, CEO

Brad Braddock
Studer Group, Chief Marketing Officer

Paige V. King

David N. Lewin, MD
Medical University of South Carolina

Sinan Aktar
Citi Corp

Kevin Luzak, CEO
Archer Holdings, LLC

Laura Brisson
First Tennessee Bank, VP

Cheryl Call
Blackbaud, Deputy General Counsel

Alonso Galvan
Founding Board Member- Sherman Financial